Oracle Developer 6i & Oracle database 11g R2 (


A default installation of 11g R2 may not be very pleasant for Oracle developers who are still working with Developer 6i suite!

Our test lab installation has by default taken “NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8” as default database character set and we were unable to connect to the database from Developer 6i components like forms and reports.

As a workaround, we dropped the database and re-created it using database character set “WE8MSWIN1252” and later with “AR8MSWIN1256” as we needed Arabic support

An interesting discussion could be found here about the character set

Now, we are able to connect to the database, continue our development using developer 6i

Note: Please consult Oracle prior applying such workaround solutions to production environments. Our main intention was to find out a method to connect to 11g R2 database from Developer 6i products.







21 Responses to Oracle Developer 6i & Oracle database 11g R2 (

  1. James Harries says:

    This works like a charm – thanks…

    • windows7bugs says:

      You are welcome James :)
      We do hope that you read the Oracle forum thread, linked to this post. If you haven’t, please do.
      Experts have much to talk about workaround solutions there.


  2. ora says:

    Thank you , ur solution had worked for us..

  3. imran says:

    Hi Admin,

    how can we change the character set from WE8MSWIN1252 to AR8MSWIN1256 after creating the database? please help on this.


  4. Arvind says:

    can you give detailed setting of ora files for connecting forms 6i and database 11gR2 please, because i am not able to conenct them.

    • windows7bugs says:

      Hello Arvind
      If you are not on a production instance, drop the database and create a new one with a different character set other than NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8.
      This should let developer 6i products to connect to 11G. Please note, if you have developer 6i installed in Wondows 7 onwards OS, You will not able to achieve all the functionalities.


  5. Salman says:

    I need your technical guidance related to Urdu Language Support in Oracle Forms & Reports 6i.

    Below are the details of requirement and R&D effort we made to achieve the desired output:

    We have an application in Oracle Forms & Report 6i and Database 10g Rel 2.
    There is a client requirement to provide Urdu support in this application. We have to enter Urdu data in few forms and print it in PDF reports.

    We created new database with AL32UTF8 Character Set with same National Character Set for Unicode support.
    Developed a form and report on a table with NVARCHAR2 data type.
    Edited nls_lang entries in Registry to AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32.UTF8
    Installed Urdu Support in WinXp
    Database stores and retrieves Urdu and displays Oracle SQL Developer.
    Oracle form stores/retrieves Urdu characters but it fails to type complete words and sentences.
    On typing 2nd, 3rd characters of a words all characters position mix up randomly and produce garbage.
    Oracle report don’t show Urdu characters in run-time but it shows the same in Report Builder.

    Please suggest solution of the above stated problems.

  6. Salman says:


    Its still not resolve that is the reason i m trying to ask every possible places.

    • windows7bugs says:

      Hi again
      You are asking to help with products those are obsolete from a decade and more (Minimum forms 6i). I doubt many forums, the younger creed of developers know anything about client server architecture and developer 6i. Urdu being used, most probably only in Pakistan, your chances to get specific instructions for the said language is going to be very difficult. However, if I could recollected Oracle communities had few queries about setting up Urdu. I’m not promising anything, it is too early. My colleague is a Pakistani and if I get enough time to setup a test environment, I will try to help you.


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