How to change the size of Online Redologs?

Uwe Hesse


Having just reviewed this article I can confirm that it is still valid also for 12c: The exact same commands can be used to change logfile sizes with that version.

If you deal with Oracle Databases for years on a daily basis like I do, you sometimes forget that things that seem elementary to you ain’t necessarily so for others, especially newbies in the Oracle realm. I noticed that when I saw some discussions in forums about redo logfiles and their sizes.

When I go back in time to 1998, that’s where I was the first time responsible for an Oracle Database (version 7, but some things never change). I inherited that Database from the previous DBA who did the setup, creating quite small log groups of a couple 100 KBs in size – which was not uncommon these days,  because Oracle templates mentioned that size as “medium”, if I…

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