Installing PHP on Windows 10 and IIS

One of the best tutorials explaining how to setup PHP with IIS 10 (Windows 10)

Warning! If you are using this setup for hosting WordPress/Joomla like CMS systems & themes, please insure the stacks are completely compatible with PHP 7.x


James D. McCaffrey

I’ve always liked PHP for creating dynamic Web pages. I find PHP to be much simpler than ASP.NET for some kinds of Web sites.

However, installing PHP on a Windows machine has always been kind of a pain in the patooty. It is possible install PHP using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, but I prefer to manually install PHP because if something goes wrong using the Web Installer, it’s very, very difficult to fix, but errors in a manual install are easier to track down.

There are five basic steps to install PHP on a Windows 10 machine:

1. Enable (if necessary) IIS on the machine, and IIS-CGI on the machine.
2. Download and extract PHP to C:PHP
3. Configure the php.ini configuration file
4. Configure IIS to handle PHP page requests
5. Test everything

So, here we go. My instructions are highly abbreviated and are intended for someone who…

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