C# A folder sync tool

Hi guys!

I’ve been busy with so many developments recently. Few projects for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 & few others for learning C#. I can say I’ve “learned” how to copy, paste, correct and use it with my projects to produce beautiful results!

My recent C# projects include a WPF solution that uses WMI classes to generate hardware details for entire Windows Domain (Linux boxes are not dealt) & today I’ve decided to build a small solution that could synchronize my C# projects with our file server.

This small project can,

  • Replicate source Directory, subdirectories & files to destination folder
  • While re-ran, check whether the destination files are older than the source files and, if yes, overwrite the old ones with newer ones.

Interested to try it yourself? here comes the code

(This project uses codes copied from both MSDN & http://www.stackoverflow.com. RecursiveFileProcessor is a MSDN example, while File exists snippet was copied from stackoverflow)

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Collections;


namespace RecursiveFileProcessor
    class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            string sourceDirectory = @"D:\MyProjects";
            string targetDirectory = @"\\network_share_location\MyProjects";
            Copy(sourceDirectory, targetDirectory);
            Console.WriteLine("Task Completed. Press any key to continue");


        public static void Copy(string sourceDirectory, string targetDirectory)
            DirectoryInfo diSource = new DirectoryInfo(sourceDirectory);
            DirectoryInfo diTarget = new DirectoryInfo(targetDirectory);

            CopyAll(diSource, diTarget);

        public static void CopyAll(DirectoryInfo source, DirectoryInfo target)


            // Copy each file into the new directory.
            foreach (FileInfo fi in source.GetFiles())

                DateTime created = fi.CreationTime;
                DateTime lastmodified = fi.LastWriteTime;

                if (File.Exists(Path.Combine(target.FullName, fi.Name)))
                    string tFileName = Path.Combine(target.FullName, fi.Name);
                    FileInfo f2 = new FileInfo(tFileName);
                    DateTime lm = f2.LastWriteTime;
                    Console.WriteLine(@"File {0}\{1} Already Exist {2} last modified {3}", target.FullName, fi.Name, tFileName, lm);

                        if (lastmodified > lm)
                            Console.WriteLine(@"Source file {0}\{1} last modified {2} is newer than the target file {3}\{4} last modified {5}",
                                fi.DirectoryName, fi.Name, lastmodified.ToString(), target.FullName, fi.Name, lm.ToString());
                            fi.CopyTo(Path.Combine(target.FullName, fi.Name), true);
                            Console.WriteLine(@"Destination File {0}\{1} Skipped", target.FullName, fi.Name);
                    catch (Exception ex)

                    Console.WriteLine(@"Copying {0}\{1}", target.FullName, fi.Name);
                    fi.CopyTo(Path.Combine(target.FullName, fi.Name), true);


            // Copy each subdirectory using recursion.
            foreach (DirectoryInfo diSourceSubDir in source.GetDirectories())
                DirectoryInfo nextTargetSubDir =
                CopyAll(diSourceSubDir, nextTargetSubDir);


Thumb rules:

  1. Do not set your source and destination folders the same.

This project uses Framework 4.5 & I am sure versions above 2.0 should support the classes referred.

If you are new to .net developments, create a project with the name “RecursiveFileProcessor”, which will let you copy and paste the whole code as it is to your project.

Do let me know whether you enjoyed your new sync toy!




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