Resolving block corruption issues in R12 instance after clone

Oracle Worklog

Environment Details:

Source Instance: PLANG – 12.1.1
Target Instance : PLANC – 12.1.1

Issue Description:

We are unable to launch applications after the clone. No errors are observed in the apache log files. Only error found was in the database alert log complaining about database block corruption.

Issue Resolution:

1.    Extract the error observed in the database alert log about the block corruption. As per this error there is a definite block corruption in one of the data file.

2.    Find the object associated with the corrupted block:

3.    Try to query the object, to validate that the object is indeed corrupted.

4.    As per MOS Note: 781413.1, manually synchronize the Workflow tables.

5.    As per MOS Note: 832193.1, the above issue ( ORA-1400) could be related to workflow notification preferences. This can be validated using the below query. In an ideal case this query should return 0 rows.

6.    Crosscheck the value of global preference…

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