One of the simplest, easiest way OPMN explained. A worth read for aspirant APPS DBAs


Release 12 uses 10.1.3 fusion middle-ware AS stack, hence services in R12 is managed by OPMN(Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server). OPMN consists of two main components (Oracle Process Manager) and (Oracle Notification Server).

Oracle Process Manager is responsible for

1) starting

2) stopping

3) restarting

4) monitoring the services it manages (this includes death detection and automatic restart of the process)

Oracle Notification Server is the transport mechanism for failure, recovery, startup, and other related notifications between components in AS.

Single configuration file(opmn.xml) is used OPMN to manage the services. Config file location is given as $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/opmn/conf/opmn.xml

Services managed by opmn are (grep process-type opmn.xml)

1) HTTP_Server

2) oacore

3) forms

4) oafm

Getting OPMN managed running process(es) status

bash$ adopmnctl.sh status

You are running adopmnctl.sh version 120.4

Checking status of OPMN managed processes…


ias-component      | process-type     |     pid     | status


OC4J            | oafm                   |   13500 |…

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