Install Oracle 10g ( onwards) on Windows 10 (Technical Preview)

We know it is too early, still as usual we are kicking in once again trying to install Oracle 10g onwards databases on an OS that’s in the early stages of testing/improvements.

If you are wondering whether Oracle 10g ( onwards) could be installed on Windows 10 (TP), the shortest answer is yes and as usual the earlier hacks what we specified with are still valid for the installation on Windows 10 TP

All you need to do is to add an entry to the refhost.xml file like following:

<!–Microsoft Windows Vista–>
<!–Microsoft Windows 7–>
<!–Microsoft Windows 8–>
 <!–Microsoft Windows 10–>
      <VERSION VALUE=”6.4″/>

You may safely ignore the warnings (if any) and proceed with the Installation. Please note, as usual we warn you not to install unsupported databases on newer Operating Systems as you may risk with your valued data. Below, few screen shots from our installation attempt which was successful.




You will be prompted to install .NET Framework 3.5 (That includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0), and we suggest you install it for better stability of the database





That’s all folks

for Windows7bugs



6 Responses to Install Oracle 10g ( onwards) on Windows 10 (Technical Preview)

  1. Salman Haider says:

    Dear Assalam o alekum

    I am facing some problem and not understanding how to solve it.

    I Install Form Builder 10g on Windows 10 successfully but I am facing problem that

    “When I open any file, Forms builder closed without showing any error message”. Out of 10 only 1 file open.

    Any solution you have.

    my id

    Salman haider

    • windows7bugs says:

      Connect to the database first, then open existing forms. Further you may have to apply the latest available patches also.

      • Salman Haider says:

        Thanks for your reply. I haven’t any patch or any link to download patch. Do you have any source to download patch.

      • windows7bugs says:

        You can’t download the patch anymore, unless you have Oracle support. I don’t think you will find resources online as Oracle development tools are not widely used. All the best

  2. Salman Haider says:

    Nothing Change. Connected. When open form. Closed without showing any error.

    • windows7bugs says:

      If your forms are using pll libraries, compile them first, then menus. After compiling all elements other than forms, start opening forms. You may try to form migration gui tool to migrate the forms which should reduce the crashes.

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