Android | Google PlayStore “No Connection”


I’m not an Android guy yet, but I have unmatched faith in Google search Smile

Today my daughter’s friends brought a touchmate 7” tab to me, complaining the Google play store doesn’t work. I didn’t have a clue, and my very second Google search brought me to the correct solution. Solution was something we hardly think of at the first place.

Those kids changed the system date and time to a past one! Reconfiguring the system date and time to the current resolved the issue.

Google should have better and meaningful error messages for such important components of Android system! What you think?

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5 Responses to Android | Google PlayStore “No Connection”

  1. agruev says:

    There is no 100% bugs free software as you know. This is an iterative process which brings software closer and closer to the desired state. So in your case, this situation is not very common one so I think its not a big flaw. But then you can report it and they can fix it in the next version so those 0.001% who will change their date will have a better error message :)

    • windows7bugs says:

      I agree to your point, and have an argument as well. When any software developer starts developing an error messaging paradigm, there are few important areas noted down. Almost all software depend upon the correct dates and time settings and with a mobile/OS an error raised about the connection issues, the first check MUST be done against the system date and time and I am sure programmatically this is possible :)
      I’m developing business applications for a living from last 20+ years (guess my age :D ) and one of the maximum attention is observed while dealing with the dates.

      Thanks for your comment Agruev

      • agruev says:

        “Correct dates and times” is very general. Most of the time this is connected with date formats and time zones and distance between two dates. But I don’t remember seing someone taking extra care for the correctness of the system clock :) And what if they took care of that, but the changed date hase some specifics which brings up this bug? My point is that you use this case as showing a big problem in Google code quality when this might be only a small flaw.

      • windows7bugs says:

        Not at all, Google has enough time to learn and correct ;) haha! Well my point was, from 2k, almost all developments were keen about addressing the system time/date. Further, my development experiences were always limited to business applications, where scopes are limited, not vast as in a mobile OS or client OS.

      • windows7bugs says:

        Further, the tabs without 3G don’t have an option to update date/time from network. This could be a nasty situation for any kind of development to maintain the current date/time settings.

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