Appreciating the efforts of selfless techy bloggers


We started this blog by February 18th 2010 and we are rushing towards the completion of 4 years!

We have posted just few and always after testing what we post thoroughly for days and weeks to insure that what a visitor reads/follows is 100% dependable and in full.

As a practice we always made sure that we will try to avoid copying and pasting as much as possible, unless we cannot do it better than an original post.

Many a times we were asked why we do such efforts as we don’t have any “benefits” coming to us in monetary terms, and the answer is simple.

“There are always few things free in life, by others”

We are utilizing this occasion to thank and encourage whole those techy friends who spent & spend much valued time to tap down millions of words, which become sentences and solutions, helping a never known person by the other corner of the world to resolve a problem or to build something, else looks impossible.

Kudos to you, kudos to us and we remain, dedicated to continue doing our “Karma”

Cheers from entire windows7bugs blog team

2 Responses to Appreciating the efforts of selfless techy bloggers

  1. Iudith Mentzel says:

    Hello Raj,

    With a month delay, I just happened to read this “credo” of your team, and I just wanted to say you a big ‘CHEERS !” for your mode of thinking and offering so generous help to others !

    I am sure that I will need your help in the future especially with products installation problems, I would be happy to have such people around for help and collaboration.

    Best Regards and Keep Up with the good work :):)
    Iudith Mentzel

    • windows7bugs says:

      Dear Iudith
      Welcome! I feel proud to have your words, I always was amazed by your depth of knowledge, your solutions and all of a sudden my blogging experience looks so exciting.

      Thank you once again,

      yes, let me come out of the admin mask


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