Oracle Applications R12, Creating Sales orders against item(s) with Serial Control @ “At Sales Order Issue” attribute


Please find instructions explaining Creating Sales Orders against inventory items with “At Sales Order Issue” attribute

Defining Inventory Attributes


Once the item created, assign the item to Organizations wherever the item would be used for pre-determined business requirements

Switch to Order Management Responsibility and start creating a Sales order for the item you defined above


Book the order and note down the Sales Order Number for Shipping Transaction

Navigate to Shipping Transactions form


Find your Sales Order Details using “Query Manager”




Verify the details and make sure the “pick status” information message as “Ready to Release”

From Actions dropdown menu select “Launch pick release” and press the “Go” button. This will submit the concurrent program “Pick Selection List Generation”. Wait until the concurrent program completed successfully.


Once the concurrent program completed successfully, re-query the sales order using “Query Manager”

Scroll to right and locate the column “Shipped Quantity”. Click on Tools menu and check whether the Serial Numbers menu option is yet enabled, it shouldn’t be…


Now enter the desired quantity in the “Shipped Quantity” column and save the transaction, which will turn the “Backorder Quantity” column mandatory.


Recheck whether the “Serial Numbers” menu option under “Tools” menu has been enabled for populating serial numbers for the item.


The menu option should be enabled for you now, click on “Serial Numbers” menu option and proceed towards generating Serial Numbers for the item.


(Enter the starting serial number and system will populate the end serial number based on the Shipped Quantity you provided in the above step)

Click the “Done” button if everything seems fine and save the transaction.

Click on “Delivery” Sub-Tab and Click on “Ship Confirm” which will popup another window


Accept/Modify according to your specific business requirements and click the “Ok” button


Confirm whether the message states the delivery was successful, if not start investigating the issues. On successful delivery, recall the Sales order and check the line status, it must be “Shipped”


For Windows7bugs,



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